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If anyone has any photos related to the signs, please send them to me so I can post them. I will give you a byline if you request one.

A bird's-eye view of the Quad. My tree is the tall one in the north-west corner.

My tree is in the upper right corner.

Looking at the Quad from the east. My tree is middle right.

Another view with the cherry trees in bloom

Looking up the tree

Looking to the east from the tree

Looking south at Pierce Lane and across the Quad at Smith Hall

Looking west towards Red Square

The bench I sat on for a few minutes an hour

The plaque on the bench reads: "In honor of Helen M. and Walter A. Walker who loved the cherry trees..." ...apparently so much that they chopped one of them down for the wood to make the bench

The view from the bench

One of the enormous seagulls I fed pretzels to

A crow who ate the pretzels the seagulls missed
One of the busses I took each day to and from campus

The odious sign every traveller reads (or doesn't read) on Seattle busses

The bus station in the tunnel where I changed busses

Another view of the tunnel station

Crossing the street in the tunnel is streng verboten

The University Bookstore where I bought the materials for the signs

The cafe on campus where I made the signs

One of the big round tables in the cafe where I made the signs

The sign on the last day

My last look back at my tree

No signs of life on the Quad
(Photo by Will)

Friends of mine make a pilgrimage to hometree, August 20, 2011

N.B. The side of the tree I approached it each morning from Red Square has been roped off. Why?

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