Friday, February 18, 2011

Interview on UW TV

The sign "THIS SIGN WILL NOT BE SHOWN ON TV" has been shown on TV.

There is a segment about me about half-way through The Daily's Double Shot 02/18/2011. Or go here or here to watch only the segment about the signs.

Here are the comments on the interview from youtube:

"It's weird--I don't like strangers."
How profound.
- The Bomb107

not the kevin smith I prefer...
- rendersean

I have an idea for a sign... "I am a bug." I bet that would, somehow, piss a few people off.
- KillYourTeeVee

It's crazy how most people are so cowardly that anyone doing something out of the norm is a "serial killer"
- zendotadaptive

the jar head says kudo's why don't anyone ever give me a kudo...i'm a non kudo getting mother fucker
- roosterjuice420

Wonder why he stopped coming to UW
- lwillbot

That guy makes a good case for a closed campus.
- ErikBarmon

Future serial killer...just sayin...
- Qber4life

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